How To Keep Your Edge During Summer Tennis – Find A Pool!

How To Keep Your Edge During Summer Tennis

Playing tennis during the summer can be difficult, especially if it’s outdoor tennis. The summer brings a whole new set of challenges that a lot of players struggle with. This blog post will hopefully provide some useful remedies to these summer-time issues. To keep your edge during summer tennis sessions, it’s critical that you stay hydrated. Above all else, keeping enough water in your body will set up ahead of everyone else. Without proper hydration, you’ll find yourself losing focus, energy, and motivation to push forward. Don’t let the summer heat beat you.

Don’t Let Your Body Overheat

When playing any outdoor sport in the summer, not just tennis. It’s very important to take care of your body and not only that, but listen to what your body says. Remember, if you listen and take care of your body, your body will listen and take care of you. The absolute best way to keep that competitive edge and take care of your body and by swimming. If you can find a pool or spa that will let you take some stress away by soaking your troubles away, I’d highly recommend it. When you spend too long outside in the summer, your body will need to cool down. Find yourself a local pool and get a season pass or membership to access it, trust me, it will make the biggest difference in your competitive play.

Find The Best Pool Company

If you’re going to be spending some time in a pool, you want to make sure it was properly taken care of. If you’re swimming in a pool that’s missing maintenance cycles or using the wrong amount of chemicals, it can be very harmful for you to spend your time in there. Most pools keep up to date with all of this but it’s best to just make sure. No swimming pool is worth the dirtiness and nastiness of poorly kept water. If you’re interested in learning more about warning signs and what to look for in a “bad pool”, be sure to check out Aquadynamics Pool And Spa Care, they have great information on their website about what to look for.

Rest Up – 8 Hours

The next biggest and best thing you can do is get plenty of rest, if you’re playing an outdoor summer sport, your body will indefinitely need sleep. Not just any sleep, make sure you’re getting plenty of good quality rest, at least 8 hours. Sleep is where your body recovers and makes the most improvements. If you cut your sleep short, your results will surely diminish too. If you’re getting enough rest, you’ll notice that your play improves, and overall everything in life will get better. Sleep more, benefit more.

Feed Yourself

Engaging in rigorous outdoor activities will have your body begging for quality nutrition. If you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and feed yourself accordingly, your body will behave and function far greater than your competitors. Building the right habits for your body early on will have you well prepared for anything you take on in life. Eating healthy is one of the most important things you can do for your body if you keep active, especially during the summer.


These are just a few tips and suggestions to help you keep that competitive edge in your tennis play, especially in the hot summer months. Take care of yourself and your body, and your play will improve too.


Tennis Tips I wish I knew 5 years ago

5 Tennis Tips

Tennis ball

If you’re looking to improve your tennis game, these tips might provide you with some value.

  1. Practice makes perfect: without practice, you have no chance at competing with those that do. There are of course exceptions, those who naturally gifted in the sport of tennis but even still. They MUST practice to improve their craft and build upon their natural talent. Nothing happens over night, keep practicing!
  2. Understand your strokes: To truly improve at tennis, you must practice and understand the different kinds of strokes. These strokes will drastically improve your game and give you an edge over others that encounter your stroke expertise.
  3. Challenge yourself: It’s extremely helpful to practice tennis with someone better than you. Of course it’s no fun being outmatched but that’s exactly what you want your competitors thinking when they find themselves looking at you across the net. Bite the bullet and practice with someone who is much more skilled than you. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn.
  4. Tennis equipment matters: Never sacrifice quality, tennis gear and equipment plays a huge role in improving performance. Make sure you do your research before you buy new equipment.
  5. Improve and practice your serve: If you struggle with your serve or you know it could be improved, take the time DAILY to practice this. Improving your serve will make you a force no one will want to reckon with. Make sure you don’t toss the ball more than 3-4 inches higher than your point of contact. Make sure you’re not making contact with the ball too low.

These are just some very basic tennis tips, if you need additional help with your tennis game. We recommend checking out Youtube videos to help you. There is a lot to be learned with just a little but of patience and persistence!